Physical Examinations at Our Clinic or Your Location

Serving Charleston and Surrounding Areas

Many employers today require drug and alcohol testing at random. These drug free workplace programs are designed to ensure employees are staying clean and sober for a safer work environment in Charleston, WV. We are certified to perform DOT drug testing, as well as breath alcohol testing, to ensure that your drivers are safe while they are on the road. We also offer testing services for other types of employers so everyone can be sure of a drug and alcohol-free workplace.

Schedule an appointment. 24 hour on-site service available.

Accurate testing you can trust

Drug and alcohol testing is available at our facility 24 hours a day. Be it for post accidents, cases of reasonable suspicion, or employer requests, you will receive quick and affordable testing when you need it most.

Forget about long waits and complications.

A visit to a occupational health clinic can be more convenient than ever before when you schedule an appointment with Physical Exams, Inc. (same-day appointments are available!) Quick turnover time and emergency service ensures you a hassle-free experience.

Have your results double checked

Double checking results is key for accuracy. We have a certified medical review officer on-site to maintain and ensure compliance with all public and private regulations. Medical assistants, collectors, and technicians are certified and experienced.

100% accountability for our services

  • DOT and non-DOT drug screening
  • Breath alcohol testing
  • Drug-free programs
  • Emergency and after-hour services
  • Industry-leading random computing software
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